I’m Convinced, Satan Runs Hollywood!

Today (which will be yesterday, by the time you all read this) was a hard day.  It was just one of those days in life when you wake up thinking you are two steps ahead, only to have something happen that makes you feel like you’ve just fallen five steps behind. We’ve all had those days.

Now the “something that happened” that made me feel this way today is not even a big deal, or even worth writing in detail about specifically, it’s just something that makes the career path that I’ve been trying to follow a little bit more challenging, that’s all….and considering the entertainment business is already extremely challenging as it is, who really needs another obstacle, right?

I have often thought, and I swear by this, that “Satan” or ‘The Devil” or whatever you want to call it runs Hollywood and I do not mean this metaphorically either.  I’m actually laughing right now as I type this because I mean this in the most literal sense there is.

I am a believer in God and therefore I think the opposite of Him exists as well, and I have often contemplated for many years that “he,” as in Satan or The Devil, lives on the corner of Hollywood and Vine….or perhaps up in the Hollywood Hills with Heidi and Spencer, or maybe even sitting up on the Hollywood sign itself, pulling the industry’s puppet strings and laughing at all of us as we watch Kate Gosselin snag another TV deal just because she had eight kids, now talk about twist of fate (I meant ‘Twist of Kate’, the title of her new summer show coming up on TLC).

Anyway, it’s just that in most of my experience within this business starting way back to when I was recording music and “almost” getting signed to record labels, it always seemed to me that the shady people would prevail, while the good people constantly got screwed over.

There appears to be no moral value system here in Hollywood.  It’s a place where porn stars can be mainstream actors, reality TV stars, television executives, and/or rock star vixens. “Whoa! How judgemental of you Michelle to say this!”  Trust me I don’t care if a pornstar can break into mainstream Hollywood, that’s not my main point here…more power to them!  And no I don’t hate porn stars, some of my closest friends are porn stars!  Okay not really, but I still don’t hate them.

However, it does piss me off to see talented, well educated and/or hardworking, aspiring writers, directors, actors, comics, singer-songwriters, or whoever not be able to break into this fickle industry because they didn’t sleep with somebody, or because they’re not a rich social-lite who leaked a sex tape, or they weren’t born into the right Hollywood family because we all know nepotism runs rampant in this industry. That’s what really pisses me off!  Those talented, well educated and/or hardworking, aspiring writers, directors, actors, comics, singer-songwriter people are always considered, “The Few,” or “The Lucky Ones” if they make it in this industry.

Why is it in today’s society  we love to celebrate mediocrity, but not talent?  It’s now become a place where the Snookis and The Octomoms of the world are celebrities…Is this because as a society we feel that badly about our own lives, that we have to relish in the train wreck of other people’s lives?  Is that ‘The Situation,’ so to speak?

Don’t get me wrong, I love reality television and I watch a lot of shows that would be considered “a guilty pleasure,” so yeah maybe I’m a hypocrite.  However, I would like to see a lot more quality programming get on the air as well, along with some new quality talent too!

Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for all the people that I know who are so freakin talented and so freakin driven, that it’s just plain stupid that they have not been able to break into this industry.

Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself today, that I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism, that I have Interned at news stations and major studios, that I have won a Regional Emmy Award for on-air work, and that I have worked my ass off and paid my dues for years trying to have a successful career in this industry and still I find myself competing in this Hollywood race with the girl who has the sex tape with the NBA player that leaked on the Internet.  Maybe I’m just jealous that I was raised with a conscience and I can’t bring myself to do such a thing to make it in this industry.

So yes I’ll still talk, blog, and tweet about the Hollywood dish because that’s what I’m passionate about, so does that make me hypocrite, maybe or maybe not? Perhaps I contribute to the devil’s plan without even knowing it.   After all the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

….And what does this all have to do with that “something that happened” that made me have a hard day?….Frankly, I’m not really sure…..maybe I just needed to vent.


  1. Lisa Said:

    Aww vent away …

    I watch reality tv – but only competition shows (Project Runway and Americas Next Top Model mostly) – and not dancing with the “stars” who seem to be taking the stars thing with a grain of salt …. I have stayed FAR from the MTV & VH1 shows since The Real World began to air more “controversial” fights and drunkeness.

    It is scary how society as a whole will give “celebrity” to any joe schmo that makes a fool of himself on tv.

    The thing recently that has pissed me off was that I had heard Vanity Fair was going to do a cover story with either Jesse James’s or Tiger’s Mistresses … WTF??? This is the same magazine that just recently did their up and coming actresses cover story and had not ONE woman of color on there … You’re going to tell me you’re going to ignore Oscar Nominated Gabi Sibide because she’s FAT and black but you’re going to put a homewrecking ho on your cover – what does that say to people?


    • Yes I actually tweeted about that Vanity Fair “Home-Wrecker Edition” and I think it was in poor taste and extremely disgusting, the magazine issue, not my tweet…ha! ha! I also agree with you about Oscar Nominated Gabi Sibide of ‘Precious’ as well. People like Howard Stern have helped to attribute to these types of prejudices against her. Thanks for your comment Lisa!

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