The Wanna-Be Kardashians….The Sisters of ‘Pretty Wild!’

Hello and Welcome Back, I’m so glad you came!  My last blog dedicated to Earth Day was my lowest rating blog since I’ve started blogging, and as a result I now have a better understanding about my readers.  I have come to realize that you guys don’t give a shit about the Earth, all you guys want is your Hollywood Dirt, I mean Dish, and you know what that’s okay!  I’m totally cool with that, after all this is an entertainment blog.  So I now ask my readers to forgive me for mistaking them for tree huggers, although trees can be quite huggable, don’t you think?  Well now on to my rant of the day!

So I ask of you….have any of you watched the reality show on E! Entertainment called, ‘Pretty Wild?’  If you have I want to hear from you.  Now I must say I absolutely love E! Entertainment and it is absolutely my dream to host and/or report entertainment news for that channel someday and several of their shows are guilty pleasures of mine too…for instance I love ‘Kendra’ and I was also a huge fan of ‘The Girls Next Door’ (Hugh’s old girls, not his new ones), and yes I really do record ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ on my DVR.  However, can someone, anyone please explain to me how the hell the sisters of ‘Pretty Wild’ got their own reality TV show on E!?

I really did try and sit down and watch ‘Pretty Wild’ to see why it is that E! felt compelled to give these girls a show and after careful review, my answer is “I don’t know?”  I can’t find anything redeemable or likeable about these girls.   For example, I like Kendra because of her goofy, yet endearing personality.  I like the fact that she was a messed up kid on drugs who saved herself, and I can relate to her even more now because she’s a wife and a new mommy.

I liked ‘The Girls Next Door’  because first of all I found it fascinating to see life in the Playboy Mansion from Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends’ point of view, rather than his, and I found it even more fascinating that these girls were actually funny and engaging, and even somewhat smart (well 2 out of 3 of them are-I won’t comment on who specifically).

I like the Kardashians because I love their family dynamic and I really do see a sincere closeness and bond between them all.  I also think Khloe Kardashian is hilarious in an endearing self-deprecating way and her irreverence sometimes just cracks me up!

But now back to the show ‘Pretty Wild’ and back to the 3 sisters who are the stars of this show, Tess Taylor (19 yrs old), Alexis Neiers (18yrs old), and the youngest Gabrielle Neiers (16 yrs old).  So quick question, does anyone remember the Celebrity ‘Bling Ring’ that took place here in Los Angeles this past year?  Yes this is related to the show ‘Pretty Wild’ if you’re wondering why I am asking this.  Anyhow, the ‘Bling Ring’ was a group of teenage kids who robbed several celebrities’ houses, literally ransacking the houses of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, and Brian Austin Green (no not David from 90210!) and Megan Fox, just to name a few.

Now Alexis Neires of ‘Pretty Wild’ was arrested for allegedly being a member of this’Bling Ring’ and she is now facing very serious charges of theft and criminal prosecution. Police searched Neiers’ home with a search warrant and found a Marc Jacobs handbag allegedly belonging to Rachel Bilson and a Chanel necklace allegedly belonging to Lindsay Lohan. Neiers told Vanity Fair, “I have receipts for everything.”  Yeah, well you better bring those babies to court then.  So now what appears to be a result of this bad behavior, one of the consequences I presume, is that Alexis Neires got her own reality TV show on E! with her sisters included, of course. So I ask again…..WHY!!!!!!!!!??????????????

I may run the risk of losing my dream job at E! someday because of this blog post, but I don’t understand why these girls have their own show?  The show is called ‘Pretty Wild’ and they’re not even that pretty.  In my opinion the Kardashian sisters blow these little girls away in the looks department…And quite frankly there is nothing wild about them either.  Some people may say that being involved in a burglar heist is wild, but no I wouldn’t call it that, I would call that more like stupid.  Now if E! followed the ‘Bling Ring’ on camera while they were actually burglarizing these celebrities homes, now that I would call wild!  And that show I might even watch, if I may add. No I think that the show ‘Pretty Wild’ probably should have been called something else instead like, ‘Pretty Stupid.’  Yeah, that’s a more appropriate title, don’t you think?

Also, does anyone else see them trying to be like the Kardashians?  Like one of the sisters screamed on camera “BITCHES” when she was trying to be sassy or whatever.  Now if you are a ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ fan then you already know that the phrase ‘BITCHES’ is a trademark Khloe expression!   C’mon ‘Pretty Stupid’ sisters get your own personality.

Also, if I have to see or hear the ‘Pretty Stupid’ sisters cry or whine one more time I may have to scoop my eyes out with an ice cream scooper, or pull a Van Gogh, but do away with both of my ears instead of just one!  Seriously, it’s that annoying.

Also, does anyone else wonder about their prayers that they do?  They end each prayer with the saying, “And so it is!”  This is their version of “Amen,” I guess.  To be honest this really is the only somewhat interesting thing I find about these people, so of course I had to investigate.

Turns out that their belief system is a secret, sorta.  It’s based on a feature film called, “The Secret.”  The movie teaches the audience to believe in positive thinking and that with positive thinking you can will the universe to give you what you want such as wealth, fame, health, or whatever it is your little heart desires.  Some people may think that this is a ‘Pretty Selfish’ belief system, but maybe it’s working for them because these nobodies now have their own reality TV show on E!

It also turns out that the ‘Pretty Stupid’ sisters’ mom is a minister or something along those lines for “The Secret,” does anyone else here think that there could be a possible cult on our hands, or maybe even another Scientology of some sort?Hmmm…..just makes me wonder?  Anyhow, I read somewhere that the mantra for “The Secret” is yep you guessed it, ‘And so it is!’  So there you have it the ‘Pretty Stupid’ sisters’ beliefs in a nutshell.

Now I always welcome everyones comments and opinions on my blog, even if you don’t agree with me.  A good discussion is always welcome.  So if you like the reality TV show ‘Pretty Wild’ then please tell me why, I’d really like to know.  Maybe there is something that I’m just missing or not appreciating.  Or maybe you dislike this show as much as I do.  Either way, speak up and let everyone know.  So that’s all folks…….AND SO IT IS!


  1. Celina Said:

    I refused to watch as soon as I saw the premise. The commercials were enough to tell me that I didn’t want support their bad behavior.

  2. Rewarding bad behavior in Hollywood seems to be the running trend these days. Thanks for playing Celina!

  3. Lisa Said:

    Like Celinda I don’t watch – cause I miss the days of TV when real actors got screentime and shows were scripted. Nowadays if you can get close to a celebrity you can get your 15 minutes of fame and the trend of giving shows to these nobodies just keeps moving along.

    Frank has read The Secret and loves it – not so much as a religious thing but more as a way to keep positive thinking foremost in his mind.

    Great blog!

    your cousin
    The tree hugging Lisa

  4. Yes, I’m sure ‘The Secret’ is very good and looked at it as more of a philosophy or belief that you could apply to your own life, rather than a religion. The ‘Pretty Wild’ girls kinda use the mantra…’So it is!’ as an ending to I guess what you could call their prayers though, so they almost seem to have their own take on it. I too miss the days of talented actors in scripted television, although I do admit to my guilty reality TV pleasures.

  5. Kris Said:

    I personally loved hearing about the history of Earth Day! So it is!

    • Kris, that’s funny! I’m glad you enjoyed the Earth Day blog! xoxoxoxox

  6. Cheyenne Said:

    ok, I watched this stupid show the other night…not quite sure why?!? and I could NOT for the life of me figure out why these girls have a TV show!!! its awesome to know that girls who SCREW up get TV shows, while those who are working their butts off to catch a big break can’t…. you are right, Satan runs hollywood.

    • Thanks Cheyenne for taking the time to read the blogs and for leaving your comment. This is actually a good example of my past blog ‘Satan Runs Hollywood,’ and although I don’t think these girls on ‘Pretty Stupid,’ uh I mean ‘Wild,’ are not evil, I do think this does show how bad behavior is awarded in Hollywood. Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Stacey Said:

    I of course always try to stay up to date with all kinds of shows, music, etc and was curious about the show but only watched a few min of a few different episodes and I was horrified. The mom treats the girls more like a friend instead of a parent and doesn’t give the girls any moral values or guidance and the whole “So it is” with the praying is a freakin joke! The mom also admitted to giving the adderall becuase as she put it “they are so out of control” but one episode shows Alexis in the car with her mom and she asks for another adderall. They are not even 20yrs old have tattoo’s all over their body! If I were those girls I would not only be embarrassed but I would be ashamed! Bad parenting and no guidance and these girls are no one special but have their own shown but I’m sure once the last show airs, they will disappear from tv because no one cares about these girls or their stupid personalities!

    • Stacy, yes I do think the parenting skills here may be questionable. The mom’s head seems literally in the clouds somewhere near la, la land. If anything we probably should come down harder on this mom than on the girls themselves as really they are just a mere, young and misguided reflection of their mother. Thanks for the comments!

  8. jtorres2012 Said:

    Hey cousin michelle 🙂 Its JT stoping in going to subscribe to your blog looks interesting, I have a a wordpress due to school we are reading and blogging on the book “Kite Runner”

    I think these girls need to get there ass’s straight. Even though they have a T.V show they don’t diserve it, it’s sort of like Paris Hiltan because if im not mistaken there basically living off of “daddy’s money.” I personally believe they are on T.V because of what Alexis is going to and most likely hoping that the money they earn from the show can bail her out.

    • Hey JT! Sweetie, what’s up? So glad you stopped by and thanks so much for subscribing to my blog and for leaving a comment as well. Shoot me an email or message on Facebook with a link to your ‘Kite Runner” blog, I’d love to read it!

      So in regards to ‘Pretty Wild,’ yes I think Alexis in particular does need to straighten up and I hope her 6 months in jail will help her to do just this. I do believe that Alexis’ scandal helped her land her own reality show too and unfortunately I think they’ll get a second season also because of the media frenzy that surrounded her 6 month jail sentence. Oh well, that’s Hollywood for ya sometimes. Like they say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Thanks again JT!

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