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Part 2: Heidi Montag’s Body Evolution and Mind Dissolution!

Has anyone watched ‘The Hills’ lately?  I used to really like this mindless show because it was just fun following around these spoiled rich kids.  I mean even though they were spoiled, they were still really likeable and somewhat still innocent when the show started.  However, now I literally find myself feeling depressed after watching an episode of ‘The Hills.’  It’s like I’ve witnessed all innocence lost and how Hollywood can truly corrupt those who are not emotionally and/or developmentally ready for it.

Heidi Montag of course is one of the main people on the show that I feel this corruption most applies to.  Heidi is someone on the show that at one point I was really rooting for. She was just a sweet girl from Colorado who was friends with Lauren Conrad, who obviously had big dreams for herself, although she seemed to be not as focused or studious as Lauren was. Nevertheless, she was still very endearing as L.C’s B.F.F.   However, Heidi is now a far cry from that girl we all once knew from Crested Butte, Colorado.  Heidi’s evolution has by far been the most shocking and drastic one to everybody who watches ‘The Hills’, myself included.

Heidi has been called everything from a plastic surgery addicted woman to a “media-whore,” but unfortunately Heidi Montag has brought this on to herself.  She does not behave like a person anymore, but instead like a characuture of herself.  I believe this makes the media forget that she’s actually a human being.

I do not dislike Heidi Montag.  As a mom, I look at Heidi Montag and I actually feel sorry for her.

I have a 16 month old baby girl and I have big hopes and dreams for her.  She is my life and once you become a mother you begin to realize that there is no greater love than the one you have for your children.  Now the reason why I am talking about the love of a mother for their child is because the latest media frenzy that surrounded Heidi Montag was when she recently called the cops on her mom for showing up to her house in the Hollywood Hills unannounced.

Heidi has actually been quoted as saying that she wants to put a restraining order on her mother.  Some of you may not know where this is all coming from on Heidi’s part because her mom and her used to be so close.  Well here’s the 411.

Heidi feels that she was humiliated and hurt by her mom on national TV during the shooting of ‘The Hills.’   Let’s just say that Heidi’s mom had a less than favorable response to the 10 cosmetic surgery procedures that Heidi had and  her mom’s negative reaction was all caught on camera for the “reality” show.

Now in Heidi’s defense some of the things that were said to her by her mom and her family did seem a bit harsh and of course us viewers only saw the edited version as well.  However, in her mother’s defense, she was not told about these 10 procedures ahead of time and I think she was shocked and very concerned for her daughter as to why she would do something so drastic. She also appeared to be concerned about the fact that Heidi put herself in danger undergoing such a long elected surgery.  As a mother myself, I know this situation would be a complete nightmare for me as well.  I absolutely don’t have anything against cosmetic surgery, but I do believe there is such a thing as going too far.  It’s disturbing.

I believe it’s very possible that Heidi suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  This is when a person obsesses over a perceived defect in his or her physical features.  Heidi denies these types of speculations though.  She says she is not addicted to cosmetic surgery.  However, she was quoted as saying in regards to her now Triple F breasts “I’m already planning my next surgery – I’m determined to get bigger ones! H (size) for Heidi.”  Thank goodness she wasn’t named Victoria or Zahara!

Now it appears that Heidi has cut ties with her family  and I can’t even imagine what her family, especially her mom, must be going through.  In a way she has lost her daughter.  It must feel as if Heidi has died to her .  Beyond the fact that Heidi is no longer in contact with her family, it also appears that Heidi is no longer in contact with reality.  It’s almost a little scary what kind of LA-LA Land she is living in, and no I don’t mean L.A.

Even her tweets sometimes seem to be rambling and non-sensical.  Family and friends are allegedly concerned that Heidi may be losing her mind.  This had led to debates that Spencer Pratt, Heidi’s very hated and controversial husband may be to blame.

There have been rumored reports that Spencer Pratt is allegedly abusive and overly possessive of Heidi.  I sometimes wonder if this is true?  He may not necessarily be physically abusive, it could possibly be verbal and/or emotional abuse, but still, the damage either way can be deep.

Is it just me or does Heidi appear to be brainwashed?  She also seems to be isolated.  Spencer said something along the lines on ‘The Hills’ about how he doesn’t let Heidi watch TV or basically connect to things on the outside world (not quoting him exactly here).    I believe he said something along the lines of how Heidi has been “cut from the matrix.”   Well, I think most of us know that abuse is about control and a red flag to a potential abusive relationship is when the person being abused is isolated from family and friends.  Can this be Heidi?  Or is it something else?

Maybe we’re just being played by Heidi Montag?  Could she just be playing the part of the victim, but really be the Puppet Master? Could her and Spencer just be playing a role for publicity purposes only?  Afterall, if she’s really cut out of the matrix, then why does she still Tweet about puppy dogs and Transformers (Yes this is true)?  And why does she still Facebook?  She doesn’t appear to be cut out of the matrix.  As a matter of fact, Heidi has been accused by some people as being very manipulative. Could she just be a calculating “media whore”?  I know that sounds harsh, but really which one is it?  Victim or Victor?

Either way, I still do feel sorry for her because I know she is a human being with real emotions and feelings.  However, she just seems to be living life as a shell of a person.  She claims to be so happy and that she is “loving life”, but what I see is an insecure little girl who still needs her mommy and just doesn’t know it.

My hope for Heidi, is that her and her family, especially her mom, can repair their damaged relationship.  I’m sure Spencer’s family would like to reconnect with him as well.  I know a lot of people would like to just place the blame on Spencer for corrupting poor Heidi.  However, how fair is this really?  I think they are both possibly to blame for becoming such media spectacles.

Also, it takes both the dynamite and the match to cause the devastating explosion.  I think that having these two together was just not a good mix to begin with.  Their disfunction feeds upon one another and it has caused havoc not just to themselves, but to everyone closest to them.  The beginning of this destruction was when the friendship was severed between Heidi and Lauren.  That truly was the beginning of the end of the old Heidi that everyone loved.

As some of you may know, Heidi and Spencer’s new obsession is with crystals.  So what I want to know is, when Heidi started following me on Twitter, do you think she looked into a crystal ball that said, “Girl you better follow this bitch cause she’s gonna be talking some shit about you in her next blog.”   Maybe there is something to be said about crystals after all.

Heidi Montag Before Any Surgeries (B.S. "Before Spencer")

Heidi Montag Before Any Surgeries (B.S. "Before Spencer")

Heidi Montag After First Surgery (A.S. "After Spencer")

Heidi Montag After First Surgery (A.S. "After Spencer")

Heidi Montag Now (A.10.PSP. "After 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures")

Heidi Montag Now (A.10.PSP. "After 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures")

Heidi Montag "Perfect 10!"

Heidi Montag "Perfect 10!"

Heidi Montag's Boobs host a Las Vegas Party!

Heidi Montag's Boobs host a Las Vegas Party!

Heidi with her mom during happier times.

Heidi with her mom during happier times.

Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt celebrating the Holy Easter holiday together.  Everyone knows how "Christian" Heidi claims to be.

Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt celebrating the Holy Easter holiday together. Everyone knows how "Christian" Heidi claims to be.

Heidi Montag's crying reaction of her mom's disapproval of her surgeries on 'The Hills.'  Heidi's face was literally in physical pain during this trip.  She couldn't even chew her food well due to jaw pain.

Heidi Montag's crying reaction of her mom's disapproval of her surgeries on 'The Hills.' Heidi's face was literally in physical pain during this trip. She couldn't even chew her food well due to jaw pain.

Part 1: My Celebrity Tweets and Tweeps!

Catt Sadler from E! Entertainment's 'Daily 10'

Hey everybody!  I have to start by telling all of you how amazing you are for supporting my blog, thank you so much from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head!  Seriously, with every blog I have written has come more and more readers, so much love to you all for continuing to come back, for subscribing, and for spreading the word.  Alright, now that I’m done kissing all of your asses let’s get going with this thing.

So quick update, I did NOT get kicked off of Twitter, even though the mighty ‘Pretty Wild’ Twitter Fan Club leader tried to encourage her followers to “Spam and Report Me,” for having one simple opinion about that dumb show, that the leader obviously did not agree with.  Well she or he did not succeed in their evil plan.  Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess it is a free country after all!  Anyhow, you can still happily find me at (another shameless plug for my Twitter page, now c’mon and follow me already!)

Now speaking of Twitter, it appears that not everyone hates me there after all, as I’ve had some interesting happenings over the last week or so.  For instance, as you all know I am an avid E! Entertainment television network viewer, I love that channel. Oh and BTW, Happy 20th Anniversary E!   Anyhow, I really enjoy their entertainment news show ‘The Daily 10’ and I especially enjoy watching their co-host Catt Sadler.  Now Catt just seems to be a cool chick and she’s a mommy just like me and so I feel like she’s a personality that I can relate to.  Anyhow, I threw a shout out to her on Twitter, basically saying that I used to be an Entertainment Reporter and that I was now studying television hosting at Marki Costello’s ‘Become A Host’ program.  I told Catt that I thought she was one of the best on-air talents and that I hoped to work with her someday.  Well, to my pleasant surprise, Catt responded to me by tweeting the following, “@MichelleRivera5 That is the lovliest compliment …. Keep workin hard. It will pay off!”  Well, I just thought that was so nice of her and wonderful that she could be such a successful person and still be so down to Earth! Kudos to Catt and thanks again girl for your supportive words!  You’re one classy woman.

Now speaking of classy ladies, Heidi Montag (now don’t laugh) has for some reason decided to follow me on Twitter (probably to get more followers) and yes it is her official Twitter page that is following me and not some poser or fan Twitter page.  Now I thought this was an interesting turn of Twitter events because I had already planned to make Heidi the main subject of this week’s blog even before she started following me on Twitter (and yes, I decided to follow her back as well). However, I was now in a dilemma because although I don’t dislike Heidi, I do have “concerns”  I’d like to take up with her and now that she is following me on Twitter, which links up to my blog, I now run the risk of her actually reading this blog and possibly taking offense to what I have to say.  Therefore, I almost decided not to talk about Heidi, but then I realized that would be compromising my blog and I figured if I lose her as a follower, well that’s okay because at least I was true to myself and to my readers.

Also, Heidi Montag is constantly in the media and unfortunately for her it’s usually not in a positive light, so I’m sure she has bigger fish to fry than my little sardine of a blog…….So tomorrow, I’ll serve you the dish on Heidi Montag with my opinions on the side, of course!  And sorry to leave you hangin, but come back tomorrow!  🙂

Heidi Montag of MTV's 'The Hills'

Heidi Montag of MTV's 'The Hills'

I Was Mentioned As A ‘Pretty Wild’ “Hater” on Twitter!

TMZ Video of Alexis Neiers in Court, Pleads \”No Contest.\”

Alexis Neiers Confesses

Bling Ring Mug Shots

“So about 6 weeks ago I opened up a Twitter account (  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t plug your Twitter page either, lol.  Anyhow, if you follow me on Twitter then you will see that I mostly tweet about Entertainment News and Celebrity/Pop culture content.  I of course also throw in personal tweets from time to time.

Anyhow, if you don’t know this already and this is related to my story, Alexis Neiers from E! Entertainment’s reality TV show ‘Pretty Wild’ admitted to being in Orlando Bloom’s home during his home robbery.  In doing this, she cut a deal to only get 6 months in jail with a felony charge, 3 years probation, and of course fines.  If Alexis had gone to trial she would have risked getting a 6 year prison sentence instead.

According to court documents, the property stolen from Orlando Bloom’s home included  5 Rolex watches worth $450,000 total, a $20,000 ring, two paintings worth $25,000 total and $4,000 in cash. Overall, Alexis was accused of stealing about $600,000 worth of valuables from Bloom.

Orlando Bloom was supposedly going to testify in court and since Alexis knew she was guilty (c’mon girl you know in your heart the truth), and would most likely be found guilty for the crime, she gave a confession to the cops and opted for this deal instead.  She is due to surrender by June 24th.

Well now, when the story broke on Alexis, I of course tweeted about it, especially considering that I recently did a blog on ‘Pretty Wild’ about 2 weeks ago.  Now just like in my blog, I wondered why this show exists to begin with, but what I wondered even more about was why these girls, particularly Alexis Neiers have fans? So I tweeted about this that morning, and mentioned a Pretty Wild Twitter fan page in my tweet as an example of these fans.  I will not use the real name of the fan page in this blog, but this is what my tweet said, ” I don’t understand how there are fans like @PWfanGroup for @prettywild1 ? Guess felony criminals even have fans?”  Then I included a link in my tweet to the news story about Alexis’ confession.  After this tweet, I didn’t even think about it the rest of the day and had already moved on to other tweets too.

However, by 8pm that night the ‘Pretty Wild’ Twitter fan page ended up replying to my tweet and they were not pleased.  Basically, whoever runs the page called to the fans who follow it (all 300 or so of them) to block and spam me because I had made a negative comment about their sacred ‘Pretty Wild’ and had the nerve apparently to use them as an example.  Then this fan page also proceeded to reply to me by tweeting the following, “@MichelleRivera5 don’t mention my name 4 your stupid negative comments got it hater?”

Honestly, I thought this whole thing was comical, because I could care less if someone mentions me on Twitter, especially if I was running a fan page on Twitter, I would almost expect to be mentioned sometimes in regards to whatever fan base I was trying to represent.  It kinda goes with the territory.

I also thought it was funny that they called me a “Hater,” so gangsta don’t you think? Now did I ask for this because I mentioned this fan page as an example in my tweet? Yeah, I guess I did ask for it, but it didn’t bother me and I wasn’t offended because when you create content and any type of dialog, especially in the form of New Media, then you have to expect opinions of all sorts.  That’s what happens when you put it out there.

Now this is where my husband Mark would say, “Just leave it alone now.”  That’s not my style though.  The juvenile side of me had to reply back to them-lol.  However, the adult side of me did come to the realization that the person who runs this P.W. Twitter fan page could very well be a teenage kid.  So with that in mind, I replied as follows: “@PWfanGroup I think ur passion is admirable & looking for PW fans to get on my blog & defend PW. Ur invited.”  Then I included my blog link for them.  I wasn’t about to reply back in any type of rude or vulgar way…sorry if I disappointed any of you, but I don’t believe in Cyber bullying (not cool and not safe).

So incase you are wondering, I truly did mean this when I tweeted that I admired them.  I do admire the fact that they are so committed, loyal, and passionate about their ‘Pretty Wild’ Cause, and so I would love for them to get on this blog and comment to why they think ‘Pretty Wild’ is so worthwhile.   Like I said in my last blog, maybe there is something that I and so many others just don’t see, who knows…stranger things have happened.

In addition, I’m not a “Hater.”   “Hate” is such a strong word, don’t you think?  I’m more like a “Disliker,” I dislike the message that the show ‘Pretty Wild’ sends, especially to kids.  In my opinion it sends a bad message and I won’t get into that message again because I already put that in my last blog, so if you haven’t read my reasons behind my dislike, then please check my blog archives.

Also, I don’t claim to be some Mother Teresa who doesn’t have her own guilty pleasure reality TV shows that she loves.  If you knew how many times my husband asked me, “Why do you watch this stupid show (referring to ‘Tori and Dean’), then you would be just as annoyed as I am, when he asks.  Ha! Ha! Sweetie, you’re such a “Hater.”

Also, if you are concerned that I am going to be kicked off of Twitter, please don’t fret.  Twitter investigates reports before doing anything about them.  I don’t foresee one tweet getting me kicked off, even if 300 people were to follow the leader’s request to Spam and Block me.  I obviously have not mentioned, talked, followed, or spammed any of those people and therefore them reporting me to Twitter would look kind of absurd on their part and Twitter would see this in their investigation.

As a matter of fact one of the followers of this ‘Pretty Wild’ Twitter fan page called them out on this request to report me, because she checked what I tweeted and then said, “You can’t ask people to report someone as Spam because they have their own opinion.”  Apparently they got into this big Twitter argument about it and the follower of this ‘Pretty Wild’ fan group ended up Un-Following them.   WTF? As Steve Urkel would say, “Did I do that?”

I now truly understand what the phrase “Twitter War” means.

Now if by chance I get kicked off of Twitter, it’s okay, I just started on Twitter and I’ll just open up another account. I’m sure I can build my whole 32 followers all over again-ha! ha!

If the ‘Pretty Wild’ fan group decides to accept my invitation and leave a comment in regards to why they think this show has redeemable qualities, then I will make sure to let you all know, so that you can check it out…..And we will all behave like good boys and girls and be respectful to their opinions, won’t we?  Of course we will!

Now I promise my next blog WILL NOT be about ‘Pretty Wild.’  This is not a blog site about them, but I just had to share this story, that’s all.

Oh…and thanks for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate it.  I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog, it’s free, because otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it (hey… I’m honest).

Did I do that?

Did I do that?