Part 1: My Celebrity Tweets and Tweeps!

Catt Sadler from E! Entertainment's 'Daily 10'

Hey everybody!  I have to start by telling all of you how amazing you are for supporting my blog, thank you so much from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head!  Seriously, with every blog I have written has come more and more readers, so much love to you all for continuing to come back, for subscribing, and for spreading the word.  Alright, now that I’m done kissing all of your asses let’s get going with this thing.

So quick update, I did NOT get kicked off of Twitter, even though the mighty ‘Pretty Wild’ Twitter Fan Club leader tried to encourage her followers to “Spam and Report Me,” for having one simple opinion about that dumb show, that the leader obviously did not agree with.  Well she or he did not succeed in their evil plan.  Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess it is a free country after all!  Anyhow, you can still happily find me at (another shameless plug for my Twitter page, now c’mon and follow me already!)

Now speaking of Twitter, it appears that not everyone hates me there after all, as I’ve had some interesting happenings over the last week or so.  For instance, as you all know I am an avid E! Entertainment television network viewer, I love that channel. Oh and BTW, Happy 20th Anniversary E!   Anyhow, I really enjoy their entertainment news show ‘The Daily 10’ and I especially enjoy watching their co-host Catt Sadler.  Now Catt just seems to be a cool chick and she’s a mommy just like me and so I feel like she’s a personality that I can relate to.  Anyhow, I threw a shout out to her on Twitter, basically saying that I used to be an Entertainment Reporter and that I was now studying television hosting at Marki Costello’s ‘Become A Host’ program.  I told Catt that I thought she was one of the best on-air talents and that I hoped to work with her someday.  Well, to my pleasant surprise, Catt responded to me by tweeting the following, “@MichelleRivera5 That is the lovliest compliment …. Keep workin hard. It will pay off!”  Well, I just thought that was so nice of her and wonderful that she could be such a successful person and still be so down to Earth! Kudos to Catt and thanks again girl for your supportive words!  You’re one classy woman.

Now speaking of classy ladies, Heidi Montag (now don’t laugh) has for some reason decided to follow me on Twitter (probably to get more followers) and yes it is her official Twitter page that is following me and not some poser or fan Twitter page.  Now I thought this was an interesting turn of Twitter events because I had already planned to make Heidi the main subject of this week’s blog even before she started following me on Twitter (and yes, I decided to follow her back as well). However, I was now in a dilemma because although I don’t dislike Heidi, I do have “concerns”  I’d like to take up with her and now that she is following me on Twitter, which links up to my blog, I now run the risk of her actually reading this blog and possibly taking offense to what I have to say.  Therefore, I almost decided not to talk about Heidi, but then I realized that would be compromising my blog and I figured if I lose her as a follower, well that’s okay because at least I was true to myself and to my readers.

Also, Heidi Montag is constantly in the media and unfortunately for her it’s usually not in a positive light, so I’m sure she has bigger fish to fry than my little sardine of a blog…….So tomorrow, I’ll serve you the dish on Heidi Montag with my opinions on the side, of course!  And sorry to leave you hangin, but come back tomorrow!  🙂

Heidi Montag of MTV's 'The Hills'

Heidi Montag of MTV's 'The Hills'


  1. Lisa Said:

    ooooh watch it, her husband may go cuckoo on you … (a more ridiculous couple doesn’t exixt)

    • Lisa Said:

      I mean exist

  2. Kris Said:

    You are such a tease, Michelle!

  3. @FrancoFrank Said:

    Thanks for the “appetizer”! Can’t wait for the main course tomorrow!

  4. Traci Hayat Said:

    Michelle, you are one talented woman..across the board. Keep up the great job!

    • Traci, I really appreciate your sweet comment. Thank you so much for your support, it really does mean a lot to me!

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