Bethenny Frankel Is A Branding Genius! @Bethenny

From one mom who is building her brand to another mom who has already conquered hers, Bethenny Frankel is a savvy business woman and momtrepreneur that I truly admire.

The press, as well as many bloggers like to focus on the controversy surrounding the she said/she said war of words between Bethenny and her mom Bernadette Parisella.  Or they like to put the focus on the very public falling out between Bethenny and her former bestie Jill Zarin.  However, I believe that Bethenny needs a little more attention paid to the brilliant ‘Skinnygirl’ Brand in which she is currently turning into an Empire.

From Bethenny’s popular ‘Skinnygirl’ Margarita to her ‘Skinnygirl’ Daily , to the natural food chef’s workout DVD, five successful reality shows, and New York Times Best Selling books, all I can say is, “Go Bethenny!  On top of all the tremendous success Bethenny is having, she has also managed to become a new wife and mother as well.

Bethenny is a savvy business woman.  She understands how branding works.  She knows how to work hard, create, promote, and market herself and her brand as a uniformed package that is tied up in a pretty ‘skinny’ bow.  She is extremely media savvy too.  For instance, pay attention to how she pushes her new book, “A Place of Yes,” during her current show ‘Bethenny Ever After.’  She’s constantly saying during her interviews how she comes from a place of yes.  Do you honestly think this is a coincidence?  I think not, it’s just another brilliant way that she plants the seed for her audience to buy her book.  Some people may call this being calculating, but I call it being genius and believe me when I say, I’m taking notes Bethenny.

Bethenny also understands the power of using social media as a marketing tool and trust me, she tweets with a purpose.  Bethenny also has something else going for her, no not her big boobs!  It’s her likeability factor.  She’s very brash and in-your-face, but she also has a very sweet vulnerability about her that I believe makes her very relatable to people.  Let’s face it, she was the favorite ‘Real Housewife of New York’ (and she wasn’t even technically a housewife yet) and her popularity is the reason why Bravo gave Bethenny her own spinoff show.

It’s difficult to believe that only 6 years ago Bethenny was struggling to make ends meet and now she is on top of the world.  She is an inspiration to entrepreneurial women everywhere.

Update:  Bethenny recently closed a $120 million dollar distribution deal for Skinnygirl.  Go Bethenny!

Bethenny Frankel: Skinnygirl

Bethenny Frankel: Skinnygirl

Skinnygirl Margarita

Skinnygirl Margarita

A Place of Yes

A Place of Yes

Skinnygirl Dish

Skinnygirl Dish

Naturally Thin

Naturally Thin

Body By Bethenny (DVD)

Body By Bethenny (DVD)

The Hoppy Family

The Hoppy Family

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The Apprentice: Martha Stewart,

The RealHousewives of New York City

Bethenny Getting Married?

Bethenny Ever After

Skating With The Stars


  1. jackie Said:

    sorry i wasn’t able to read thru everything (i came across something about your swollen lymph nodes) — did you have your THYROID checked? i know some people that happened to – it made nodules on their neck.

    as for bethenny – being “successful” really depends on your definition of “success” if it’s money – then i suppose you could say – she is successful at creating an environment for herself to make money.

    but for me — and many others that I choose to surround myself and my family with — “success” is defined by how we live our lives and treat other people.

    I see bethenny as someone who is very unhappy, insecure and extremely mean and actually somewhat intolerant and evil toward others. i honestly have not heard a positive thing come from her about another person and she seems to take every opportunity she can to say something evil, nasty and downright mean about others.

    I just don’t see that as being a successful human on the planet earth.

    I feel sorry for her in that regard – but hope that one day (soon – as she seems to have a caring hubby and now a child and in-laws who care for the child, as well) — that she realizes it before her world collapses around her and all she is left with is her big, lonely pile of money.
    (none of which will be from me, as i will not be buying any of her products. it’s kind of like choosing to live “green” or “natural” — i choose to live “happily” and support “positivity”) 🙂

    you need to have redeeming qualities in order to be admired…and so far…..(and believe me — i have given her a try and ample oppty — even checked out her show)…she has not shown any. really – -any.
    I find her humor really mean-spirited and off-putting and these are just not the types of people i choose to surround myself with.

    i believe in living in LIGHT and with joy and positivity and at the end of the day — God woke me up in the morning and brought me through the day — and I live my life for Him.

    As for the author here — I hope you are over your health issues – – but never ask “why, why me”….and if you want to know “why not?” — then read the book of Job….and not only read it — but find someone with perspective who can help you process and understand it.
    It will give your life and trials, tribulations…and yes triumphs — a whole new outlook and meaning.

    God Bless!!

    • Thank you for your comments Jackie. In regards to my swollen lymph node everything came out fine after my biopsy, no cancer, thank God! Regarding Bethenny Frankel, I believe she is a work in progress, like all of us in life. I admire her, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, so thanks again. 🙂

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