Alexis Bellino of Real Housewives of Orange County And Her Couture Dress Mess!

Did anyone else cringe tonight when they saw Alexis Bellino cut the sleeve off from that dress that her poor designing partner Tal had so intricately made?  Yes I understand it is technically Alexis’ dress line, but we all know she relies heavily on her designing partner’s skills and so you would think she would show more respect towards her.  Let’s face it, Alexis herself is not actually a designer and she won’t even go near a sewing machine as she herself said on tonight’s episode.  Alexis couldn’t even define the word couture when that’s what her dress line is supposed to be!   So are we really supposed to take Alexis seriously as a designer?  Maybe Alexis should respect the craft behind designing, which sewing plays a significant part of, instead of just playing Tyrant Barbie who just likes to dress up in the designs and then put her name and picture on the heart label.  To be honest though, I don’t even really mind the fact that she is not the actual dress maker, but I do mind how she behaved towards the dress maker/designer Tal.

I was actually mortified at Alexis’ egotistical, power tripping, non-Christian behavior (as she always claims to be so Christian) when she cut the sleeve off of that dress simply to show that she was the boss and that what she says goes.  Alexis couldn’t you have just asked Tal to make a version of the dress without the sleeves or to come up with a sketch of that version instead?  Tal put her heart into making that dress and then you just stabbed it with scissors as easily as you have your face stabbed with Botox.

Alexis said on tonight’s episode that she’s always right, well Alexis this behavior was not right and if you were always right wouldn’t that make you God?  I wonder what our Savior would think of that?

Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino



  1. Angela Said:

    Exactly! I was also bothered by the fact that she tries them on and make them look good on her!!! if she wanted that then she should just have them made for her. She doesnt take I to account us short people or the ones that are heavier or less busty than her!!!

    • Thank you for your comment Angela! I fully agree with you on this.

  2. Courtney Said:

    Yes Alexis is so full of herself. All she is about is how she looks, she so vain. Not very christian-like. And what exactly does her husband do? She jumps whenever he says boo. I see him as so controlling and she as very immature and vain. The poor designer put her heart and soul into that an Alexis just tore it up…..She may be the boss but she needs to learn how to treat people or she will be taking sewing lessons very soon because nobody will want to work for that *itch!!!

    • Good point Courtney about her needing to know how to treat her employees or she won’t have anyone to sew for her anymore! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Michael H Said:

    I have not laughed so hard, as I watched the couture definition. It is uhhh “rich” ?1?1 ROFL The topper to this was later on Watch What Happens when Andy Cohen outed the name of the line to a know porn star, WWJT of that one. Where can I find that clip wanted to forward it to my friend who has been a true desiger for Calvin Kline for years. When I called him last night he was able to not only define the word but give a history of what the design process of couture acutally is. From what I have seen her dress line will look better on and porn star and I won’t be seeing it on the pages Shiny Sheet in Palm Beach . No store for her on Worth Ave any time soon.

    • Michael, I’m so glad to get a comment from someone who has a friend in the fashion design industry. Yes it was hilarious when she tried to define couture and shameful too since she is supposed to have a couture dress line! 🙂

  4. barbara Said:

    That definitely isn’t something Jesus would have done! What an obnoxious idiot! That dress was gorgeous and Tal put a lot of hard work into it. I guess she takes out her frustration of her husband being her “king” and putting her in her place, by treating others like crap. I would call her a hypocrite, but she probably doesn’t know the definition of that word either. I see that she liked the dress enough to pose in it during the opening credits of the show though. Tal should have pulled out from under her and left her hanging, I thought they were “partners”????

    • You said it girl! I thought for sure Tal would leave her after that. Thank you Barbara for your comment.

  5. Hungrigyrl Said:

    I was disgusted by her ignorant behavior. She showed everyone how inexperienced and unprofessional she is, not to mention rude and disrespectful. She is not going to make it in business!!

    • Thanks for taking your time to leave me a message on the blog. I found her behavior unprofessional as well.

  6. charliecat31 Said:

    I don’t claim to know a huge amount about fashion, but doesn’t couture mean an item is custom made for someone? How can an entire dress line be custom made if it’s being sold off the rack?

    And the way Alexis cut the sleeve off that dress made me sick to my stomach!! Why couldn’t she leave it and ask Tal to make another one the way she wanted it? Maybe Tal would have like to have kept to one w/ the long sleeves for herself? All the time & energy she must have put into that dress & Alexis comes along & hacks it up! Aren’t we as Christians suppose to respect others?? I realize none of us are perfect, but Alexis acts like as long as she says she trying to be a good Christian she can do whatever she likes & it’s OK.

    Did she have some new plastic surgery? When she went over to Vicki’s & was sitting on the couch (and when she was doing the solo interview about meeting w/ Vicki) her face looked a little different, like maybe she’d had some more work done.

    • Thanks for your comments, I agree with you 100%! To answer your question, I believe Alexis has had a nose job since last season. 🙂

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