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Alexis Bellino of Real Housewives of Orange County And Her Couture Dress Mess!

Did anyone else cringe tonight when they saw Alexis Bellino cut the sleeve off from that dress that her poor designing partner Tal had so intricately made?  Yes I understand it is technically Alexis’ dress line, but we all know she relies heavily on her designing partner’s skills and so you would think she would show more respect towards her.  Let’s face it, Alexis herself is not actually a designer and she won’t even go near a sewing machine as she herself said on tonight’s episode.  Alexis couldn’t even define the word couture when that’s what her dress line is supposed to be!   So are we really supposed to take Alexis seriously as a designer?  Maybe Alexis should respect the craft behind designing, which sewing plays a significant part of, instead of just playing Tyrant Barbie who just likes to dress up in the designs and then put her name and picture on the heart label.  To be honest though, I don’t even really mind the fact that she is not the actual dress maker, but I do mind how she behaved towards the dress maker/designer Tal.

I was actually mortified at Alexis’ egotistical, power tripping, non-Christian behavior (as she always claims to be so Christian) when she cut the sleeve off of that dress simply to show that she was the boss and that what she says goes.  Alexis couldn’t you have just asked Tal to make a version of the dress without the sleeves or to come up with a sketch of that version instead?  Tal put her heart into making that dress and then you just stabbed it with scissors as easily as you have your face stabbed with Botox.

Alexis said on tonight’s episode that she’s always right, well Alexis this behavior was not right and if you were always right wouldn’t that make you God?  I wonder what our Savior would think of that?

Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino