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My Letter To Kate Gosselin….

Dear Kate,

Congratulations you made it through to the next round of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and I must admit that I didn’t cringe or get that most uncomfortable, awkward feeling watching you this week.  However, I can’t help but think what your kids must be thinking as they are staying up with their popcorn rooting you on (as you say), while continuing to watch you week after week publicly bash their father.

Now Kate, believe me when I say that I know Jon Gosselin is a LOSER and my husband actually told me that there is a list he saw that has Jon’s Top 10 Douche Bag Moments, and I do take pleasure in Mr. Gosselin’s stupidities, so of course I thought this was funny.   However, do you think it’s healthy for your kids to hear you talk bad about their father on national television?

During your big blow out with Tony Dovolani you said, “I’ve had a lot of people quit on me in life,” presumably referring to Jon, and on this week’s show you spoke about the custody battle and Tony told you to not let “him” win (meaning Jon again of course), and you said you wouldn’t.

Kate I beg of you…..PLEASE STOP!!! Do you really have this much trouble censoring yourself when it comes to your personal problems?

It’s bad enough that the kids are already exposed to it on the sensational level that they are, but do you have to add to it?  Really?  Are ratings that worth it to you?  Or do you really just not realize what you are saying and how it is effecting your children when they hear these words coming out of your mouth?

The sextuplets are going to be 6 years old in May, and Cara and Mady I believe are about 10 years old already, so c’mon Kate they are not babies anymore!  They understand you now, so please shut up about you and Jon already!

Now I understand this may seem a little harsh and I’m not accusing you of being a bad mother, just a bad dancer who needs to learn to think before she speaks.

Now in regards to your upcoming DWTS performance next week……Break A Leg!


Michelle Rivera