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Happy Fool’s Day! Feels like the perfect day to start my Blog and talk about some Hollywood Fools!

Hey everybody, I’m Michelle Rivera and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, a little contribution to the already overloaded digital world.  My blog will mostly focus on Entertainment News, Celebrity and Pop Culture, and of course let you follow me along my journey of getting back into the TV Hosting world.

A quick tidbit about myself: In 2007 I married a great guy (at least so far he’s great), and I also started entertainment reporting on a show called ‘Around the Town,’ in Denver, Colorado.  In 2008 I won a Regional Emmy Award for the on-air work that I did on ‘Around the Town.’  In January of 2009 I became a first time mom to a beautiful, bouncing, baby girl.  She is my life. Now in 2010 I find myself back here in Southern California (where I grew up) trying to land another professional television hosting gig, but this time on a much bigger scale in a very competitive market…and I’m starting all over again, from trying to land a new agent, to manager, to on-air job. Hmm…I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Now let’s get ready to dish about hollywood.  I know, my subject line says I’m going to blog about some fools and then all I do is talk about me, yeah that’s kinda funny, but now I want to discuss someone who I really think is a major fool and that is Jesse James!  Did you think I was going to say Tiger, well trust me he’s up there too, but today it’s all about Jesse.  So I guess really it’s not some fools, it’s just one fool.

Here are my 5 reasons why I think Jesse James is a Major Fool!

5. Jesse James was just a guy who had a really cool shop where they custom built bikes.  He was able to turn this into a successful television career: Monster Garage, Celebrity Apprentice, and so forth.  However, even with this success I would categorize him on the Celebrity B List.  Yet, even though he was in Category B, he managed to land himself a major movie star who screams Celebrity A List and on top of it she is also America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock!  Oh Jesse you fool!  You know deep inside you are just a bad boy and that eventually your bad boy ways would creep out.  So why did you marry a good girl and not just any good girl, but America’s Good Girl, how foolish of you.

4. Jesse James didn’t use a condom.  Like having several affairs with strippers wasn’t enough, the guy couldn’t even give Sandy the courtesy to wrap it up!

3. He was involved in “sexting.”  When will these fools learn to stop putting their evidence in writing or texting, or emails for that matter!  I don’t condone cheating, but if you’re going to do it at least be smart about it.

2. He has children!  Jesse, like Tiger decided to think with his unit instead of think about the welfare of his family unit.  What a fool! What a loser!

1. He paraded himself around the Red Carpet with Sandra Bullock during Awards Season playing the part of the devoted husband.  Jesse James made himself a target by doing this.  He pissed off Michelle “Bombshell” McGee by doing this and he also made himself look even worse in the public eye.  This fresh image is embedded in all of our minds of Jesse James tearing up during Sandy’s acceptance speech at the Oscars, while us onlookers were saying, “Oh he’s such a loving husband.”  Now it just makes everyone think even more “LIAR!!!!!”   And now Jesse James is in rehab for the old cliche’ of “Sexual Addiction.”  Like we didn’t see that one coming!  This is the new trend of the last ditch effort to win the scorned wife back, just claim sexual addiction and then you’ll be pardoned for your sins!  GIMME A F**KIN BREAK Jesse James.  You Fool, don’t you think Sandy is smarter than that?