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I Was Mentioned As A ‘Pretty Wild’ “Hater” on Twitter!

TMZ Video of Alexis Neiers in Court, Pleads \”No Contest.\”

Alexis Neiers Confesses

Bling Ring Mug Shots

“So about 6 weeks ago I opened up a Twitter account (  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t plug your Twitter page either, lol.  Anyhow, if you follow me on Twitter then you will see that I mostly tweet about Entertainment News and Celebrity/Pop culture content.  I of course also throw in personal tweets from time to time.

Anyhow, if you don’t know this already and this is related to my story, Alexis Neiers from E! Entertainment’s reality TV show ‘Pretty Wild’ admitted to being in Orlando Bloom’s home during his home robbery.  In doing this, she cut a deal to only get 6 months in jail with a felony charge, 3 years probation, and of course fines.  If Alexis had gone to trial she would have risked getting a 6 year prison sentence instead.

According to court documents, the property stolen from Orlando Bloom’s home included  5 Rolex watches worth $450,000 total, a $20,000 ring, two paintings worth $25,000 total and $4,000 in cash. Overall, Alexis was accused of stealing about $600,000 worth of valuables from Bloom.

Orlando Bloom was supposedly going to testify in court and since Alexis knew she was guilty (c’mon girl you know in your heart the truth), and would most likely be found guilty for the crime, she gave a confession to the cops and opted for this deal instead.  She is due to surrender by June 24th.

Well now, when the story broke on Alexis, I of course tweeted about it, especially considering that I recently did a blog on ‘Pretty Wild’ about 2 weeks ago.  Now just like in my blog, I wondered why this show exists to begin with, but what I wondered even more about was why these girls, particularly Alexis Neiers have fans? So I tweeted about this that morning, and mentioned a Pretty Wild Twitter fan page in my tweet as an example of these fans.  I will not use the real name of the fan page in this blog, but this is what my tweet said, ” I don’t understand how there are fans like @PWfanGroup for @prettywild1 ? Guess felony criminals even have fans?”  Then I included a link in my tweet to the news story about Alexis’ confession.  After this tweet, I didn’t even think about it the rest of the day and had already moved on to other tweets too.

However, by 8pm that night the ‘Pretty Wild’ Twitter fan page ended up replying to my tweet and they were not pleased.  Basically, whoever runs the page called to the fans who follow it (all 300 or so of them) to block and spam me because I had made a negative comment about their sacred ‘Pretty Wild’ and had the nerve apparently to use them as an example.  Then this fan page also proceeded to reply to me by tweeting the following, “@MichelleRivera5 don’t mention my name 4 your stupid negative comments got it hater?”

Honestly, I thought this whole thing was comical, because I could care less if someone mentions me on Twitter, especially if I was running a fan page on Twitter, I would almost expect to be mentioned sometimes in regards to whatever fan base I was trying to represent.  It kinda goes with the territory.

I also thought it was funny that they called me a “Hater,” so gangsta don’t you think? Now did I ask for this because I mentioned this fan page as an example in my tweet? Yeah, I guess I did ask for it, but it didn’t bother me and I wasn’t offended because when you create content and any type of dialog, especially in the form of New Media, then you have to expect opinions of all sorts.  That’s what happens when you put it out there.

Now this is where my husband Mark would say, “Just leave it alone now.”  That’s not my style though.  The juvenile side of me had to reply back to them-lol.  However, the adult side of me did come to the realization that the person who runs this P.W. Twitter fan page could very well be a teenage kid.  So with that in mind, I replied as follows: “@PWfanGroup I think ur passion is admirable & looking for PW fans to get on my blog & defend PW. Ur invited.”  Then I included my blog link for them.  I wasn’t about to reply back in any type of rude or vulgar way…sorry if I disappointed any of you, but I don’t believe in Cyber bullying (not cool and not safe).

So incase you are wondering, I truly did mean this when I tweeted that I admired them.  I do admire the fact that they are so committed, loyal, and passionate about their ‘Pretty Wild’ Cause, and so I would love for them to get on this blog and comment to why they think ‘Pretty Wild’ is so worthwhile.   Like I said in my last blog, maybe there is something that I and so many others just don’t see, who knows…stranger things have happened.

In addition, I’m not a “Hater.”   “Hate” is such a strong word, don’t you think?  I’m more like a “Disliker,” I dislike the message that the show ‘Pretty Wild’ sends, especially to kids.  In my opinion it sends a bad message and I won’t get into that message again because I already put that in my last blog, so if you haven’t read my reasons behind my dislike, then please check my blog archives.

Also, I don’t claim to be some Mother Teresa who doesn’t have her own guilty pleasure reality TV shows that she loves.  If you knew how many times my husband asked me, “Why do you watch this stupid show (referring to ‘Tori and Dean’), then you would be just as annoyed as I am, when he asks.  Ha! Ha! Sweetie, you’re such a “Hater.”

Also, if you are concerned that I am going to be kicked off of Twitter, please don’t fret.  Twitter investigates reports before doing anything about them.  I don’t foresee one tweet getting me kicked off, even if 300 people were to follow the leader’s request to Spam and Block me.  I obviously have not mentioned, talked, followed, or spammed any of those people and therefore them reporting me to Twitter would look kind of absurd on their part and Twitter would see this in their investigation.

As a matter of fact one of the followers of this ‘Pretty Wild’ Twitter fan page called them out on this request to report me, because she checked what I tweeted and then said, “You can’t ask people to report someone as Spam because they have their own opinion.”  Apparently they got into this big Twitter argument about it and the follower of this ‘Pretty Wild’ fan group ended up Un-Following them.   WTF? As Steve Urkel would say, “Did I do that?”

I now truly understand what the phrase “Twitter War” means.

Now if by chance I get kicked off of Twitter, it’s okay, I just started on Twitter and I’ll just open up another account. I’m sure I can build my whole 32 followers all over again-ha! ha!

If the ‘Pretty Wild’ fan group decides to accept my invitation and leave a comment in regards to why they think this show has redeemable qualities, then I will make sure to let you all know, so that you can check it out…..And we will all behave like good boys and girls and be respectful to their opinions, won’t we?  Of course we will!

Now I promise my next blog WILL NOT be about ‘Pretty Wild.’  This is not a blog site about them, but I just had to share this story, that’s all.

Oh…and thanks for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate it.  I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog, it’s free, because otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it (hey… I’m honest).

Did I do that?

Did I do that?